Field Day Fun

A handful of local hams came together at Entergy Park from 1pm until 6pm on Field Day to operate under the WB5SPA call sign. The weather was miserably hot and the radio conditions were tolerable, but good fun and fellowship was enjoyed by all in attendance. Participating hams included Frank (N5WEM), Drew (KG5UFU), Daniel (W1HDL), Kevin (K5MOH), Pat (WV5Y), and Chris (W5TCB).

The club operated as 3A (three transmitters, club or group operation). Bonus points were claimed for:

  • 100% emergency power
  • Operating in a public location
  • Completing a minimum of five (5) QSOs using alternate or natural power
  • Youth participation (participant under 18 completing at least one QSO)
  • Entry submitted via web

All total, the completed six (6) voice QSOs, five (5) CW QSOs, and seventy-one (71) voice QSOs, for a grand total of 756 points claimed. Thanks to all who participated for their efforts. By the way, Field Day is scheduled for June 27 & 28, 2020…

WB5SPA Field Day HQ
Map of WB5SPA Field Day QSOs
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