Local Repeaters

Hot Springs Area Repeaters

147.180+ (PL 114.8) WB5SPA (analog) — Located on top of St. Vincent Hospital in Hot Springs

146.880- (PL 114.8) W5LVB (analog) — (Diamond Lakes Area SkyWarn – Linked to 146.715-) Located on West Mountain

444.600+ (PL 114.8) W5LVB (analog) — Located on West Mountain

442.350+ (PL 114.8) WB5SPA (analog, DMR, Motorola SLR5700) — Located on West Mountain (See DMR Repeater Information below)

Check out this drone footage of the West Mountain towers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By–qCpHCw8

Mt. Ida

146.715- (PL 127.3) KA5WPC — (Diamond Lakes SkyWarn – Linked to 146.880-) Located on High Peak

444.475+ (PL 114.8) KA5WPC — Located on High Peak

52.910/51.210 (PL 100.0) — Located on High Peak OFF AIR/DECOORDINATED

Check out this drone footage of the High Peak towers:  https://youtu.be/PAIbUgBfpAA

DMR Repeater Information

To access the WB5SPA DMR repeater, you must set your radio to Color Code 2, positive offset +5 MHz (Your radio should be set to receive on 442.350 and transmit on 447.350.)

Time Slot 1

Time slot 1 is currently set to have two static talk groups – 31051 and 31052.  These are alternately used for Arkansas Severe Weather.

Time slot 1 may also be used for connection to any talk group on the Brandmeister network.

This time slot is for general use.  When you key up on an unlinked talk group, that talk group will be added as a dynamic talk group which will automatically unlink after 10 minutes of inactivity.  To force an unlink, key up on group 4000 on time slot 1 which will unlink all current dynamic talk groups.

Time Slot 2

Time slot 2 is currently set to have one static talk group:  311575 – Hot Springs Local

From time to time, time slot 2 may also be linked to talk group 310150 – Royal Local.

This time slot is exclusively for local talk group traffic.  Please do not change the connection to any other talk groups.